Custom iPad Application Development – Why?

A commonly asked question – When I have an iPhone why do I need an iPad? Well, your phone is sure next to your personal computer these days, but still it does come with above all that if asked to replace your desktop would it be iPhone or iPad? The answer is definitely, iPad! Take a look why – Apple’s iPad has seen success as high as 26 million pieces sold in the first quarter of 2014. iPad gives you more Portability, Cheaper Apps, Gaming zone, Ease of use, Music & Movies, eReader, GPS replacement, Long Battery Life. These factors should be enough to rule out a desktop and make space for iPad.

Impressol – your trusted partner for iPad Application Development

With the increase in the sales of iPad, it calls for increase in demand for companies specialising building apps for iPads. When it comes to professional iPad application development, Impressol is the name you can bank on. We offer our clients custom iPad application development services that offers user friendly apps and gives a pathway for the business house to capture target audience/customers. You can get your pennies rolling once you invest your trust on our iPad app development service. We can guarantee the apps based on the latest iPad development tools as we keep our workforce completely updated with the changing technologies.

Why team with Impressol for an iPad design?

You can run iPhone apps within the iPad setting, BUT building an app destined for the iPad means taking extreme diligence for the platform alone. Many iPad app developers will make the blunder of a presumption that the iPad is just a “bigger” iPhone, but the truth is much more complex. Therefore, it is wise to team with the best iPad app development company in India.

What’s different? Building an app on iPad is not a child’s play by any app development company available in the market. It is much deeper than simply creating images and screen size. iPad app programming requires the company to develop a visual experience that fits on a screen as good as a laptop/desktop, but made portable and casual. In short, designers need to pick and choose elements carefully, that can best capture user’s actions.


We offer all types of iPad development services starting from iPad app design, iPad app testing, iPad app configuration and everything else. We offer you bug-fix applications and high end app development services. Our customization services are amongst the best in the industry and we make sure that we deliver what we promise. We offer strategy and iPad app consultation services and make sure that you app is amongst the top apps in the Apple store. There is no point in developing an app, unless you have a strategy to ensure that it works and help you achieve your business goals and wants. We at Evince offer you all these and much more.